Great news!

Yes! Thanks to a research grant by the NWO MaGW I can appoint Danielle Bouman as PhD-student, who will conduct a series of experiments on approach-avoidance behavior and whole-body postural adjustments. Really excited! More news will follow

Applying a force to a horse

horseEverybody knows what a horse is; it is ‘clearly’ pictured with the pink outline in the picture. But what is this yellow dot in the middle? It is the center of mass (COM) of the horse. The COM is an important quantity in movement science, describing the point at which the whole mass of the body is located. For those of you who don’t know what a COM is, I can recommend this neat introductory video, explaining its meaning in very clear terms. So, take this knowledge into account next time you push against a horse.

Click here for video

Don’t rock the boat!

I found this amazing CCTV footage on Richards Wiseman’s blog, showing the interior of a ferry on a stormy sea. The camera is fixed with respect to the interior, creating a fixed frame of reference for the viewer. As a result, we tend to see the furniture and people moving as if through an invisible force. Very compelling and funny.